I’ll have a blue Christmas without you

I’ll have a blue Christmas without you.”

Song: Blue Christmas

Artist: Elvis (originally recored by Ernest Tubb)

Album: Elvis’ Christmas Album

Year: 1957

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4 responses to “I’ll have a blue Christmas without you

  1. Moonshadow55@aol.com

    I’m trying to find out the origin of this song. Any help?

  2. Don’t believe any source that attributes the origin of this song to Elvis, or dates it later than 1945. My grandfather references this song in a letter to my grandmother written during WWII. I’m trying to track down what version of the song he may have heard, and all the Elvis recording are an obstacle to my research as well.

  3. I believe Blue Christmas was written by Billy Hayes and Jay Johnson and first recorded in 1948. Elvis made it famous by including it on his Christmas album in 1957.

  4. The words to the song ‘Blue Christmas’ was written by my mother. She sent the song to a music publisher and never heard back from them.

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