…would you lie with me and just forget the world?

“If I lay here, if I just lay here, would you lie with me and just forget the world?”

Song (click for full lyrics): Chasing CarsSnow Patrol Eyes Open

Artist: Snow Patrol

Album: Eyes Open


Thanks to The Parody for this lyrical idea!

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33 responses to “…would you lie with me and just forget the world?

  1. No worries, mate! 🙂

  2. hey guys that song is PERFECT 4 me and my boyfriend we have so many problems at home & whenever ur song comes on we just lay there and think of each other so yeah thats our song so thanks 4 writing it because its EXACTLY how we feel!!! i love u guys!!!!!

  3. Thanks you just helped me find out the artist for this song I’v been looking for forever, me and my mate would stay up late listening to it on the radio and would sing it to eachother softly while we just held each other… truely beautiful thanks so much ^^

  4. I have been married 32 yrs, Jan 4th The two of us lay together still and wish we would never have to face the world. all is perfect until the world closes in on us..The song gives me that feeling when I hear it! Thanks!!

  5. Amazing. This is a great tool, its always annoying when the radio dJ fails to mention the name of the last few songs played. I have thought many times its gotta be essential and would help record sales..

  6. I think the song—-lyrics and music—-is beautiful. The singers voice is haunting — he anunciates the letters clearly. In all it makes me think of peace—something quiet and peaceful on a stormy day.

    Now —–after my long search to find the name of the song and the cd—
    I’m off to buy it. Thanks for doing your part in my search.

  7. this song sucks

  8. It’s ‘LIE’ not ‘LAY’!

  9. I just listened to it and it is LAY. I also checked several lyric sites.

    “If I lay here, if I just lay here, would you lie with me and just forget the world?”

  10. With an unexpected death of someone close over christmas this lyric just reminds me of how short life is and precious is our time with loved ones. Siexe the day. It is so beautiful and haunting. It makes me teary whenever it is played on the radio. It has a similar feel to Fields of Gold by Sting – anothe r of my favourites – i’m a big sucker for a sad song. Thankyou for this great website – it was too easy to track down the artist and it was so cool to see how the song has spoken to others…

  11. it’s one of the bestest song … perfect for ny occassion…

  12. When I finally got pregnant after 1 year…. and lost the “baby” at 8 weeks… I just needed a song… and this song.. is now “my baby’s song”..
    Whenever I hear it.. it reminds me how I felt when I was pregnant… we don’t need anything or anyone.. I just lay sometimes… and forgot about the world… tears come in my eyes everytime I hear the song.. but I cant hear it enough!!

  13. Missy L and all posted on this page,

    I have to agree with you on all that you’ve said. I heard this song a few weeks ago and then heard it today and was able to download it and I must say I love the song. I love the lyrics too. I’m an emotional person when I need to be, when it’s appropriate or when a soft spot is hit. This song brings out my emotions. I played it three times and cried through it each time I played it. I love it. It also reminds you to look back at all the problems we have in our society and that everything can be fixed in one day if we put our minds to it. This song also puts me in the mood when thinking about my most controversial hour which will be in the very near future.

  14. The simplest songs speak to the most people

  15. i loveeeeeeeeeeeee this song–its beautiful…

  16. This song is like a mini vacation every time I here it. I get to leave the hustle and bustle of my chaotic day temporarily. It does my soul Good!

  17. i love this song..i wish somebody would forget the world with me..

  18. I have been trying to find out more about this song for weeks. I never hear the artists name or the song title. I’m glad I found this.

  19. Hello,
    these words may just be a few lines, but it hits my heart for many reasons and my husbands.
    1.spinal injury at 28, 3 years after we were married, severe nerve damage, tremor entire right side,herniations in neck and body started to fall apart.
    2. no one could figure out why I was getting worse
    3. depression slithers in both of us
    4. decide to exit state, family issues/lack of knowledge of doctors, 1996
    5. fibromyalgia, CFS, Multiple Sclerosis, when the diagnose for Fibro was made, the MS should of been, 9 years too late, can’t take any medication,allergic, 3rd stage now
    6. paralysis patches getting worse affecting more parts of body
    7. husband looses job and out of work for over 3 years.
    8.we are both depressed
    9.spinal stenosis/ neck and low back after it ruptured, surgery
    10. introduced to a wheelchair because of paralysis
    11..husband has a stroke
    11.things are better, I am a walking miracle and husband survived stroke and the ruptured appendix, 2 days before pumped with antibiotic’s, that happened before the stroke

    We know it came out in 2006, but we now own a CD player and in 50’s and just certain lyric’s hit the hearts’ core and this does it, thank you for we will always have one another, and we will learn the song by heart, it is unique and beautiful and so gifted for it reached our hearts.

  20. I have been trying to find the name of this song for weeks –Heard it on the radio never could catch the title–Just found the CD via google-been looking for forget the world as a title-I Lovvvve this song –It really has tons of emotion –makes you feel every fiber of yourself

  21. i jus lurve dis song…………..

  22. this songs so sweet!

  23. Gwydion's Ghost

    Thank you. It is in my will that this song be played among a very few others at my funeral. Which will be very soon. It is meant to be my final message to my loving wife.

  24. Gwydion’s Ghost – It is a beautiful message and moving music. Let us know if there is other lyrical wisdom from your funeral songs and we will try and add them or if there is a lyrical wisdom you want us to use and that we can share to commemorate your funeral.

    You are a strong person and I was glad to hear from you.

  25. this song makes me cry because im in love with this guy and he only loves me as a friend. i sing this song to my sunshine all the time.

  26. of course, i like coldplay for some song, i like chasing cars, etc. they are murderer
    do re mi fa so la si..

  27. do u all really believe this song? it just ost smallville, i like it as a ost

  28. this is a very emotinal song has a lot of different meanings 2 different people
    not 2 many songs like that
    it should be played more so all can enjoy
    it got my attention first time i heard it

  29. This is a really emotional song. it reminds me a lot of the boy that i love. he used 2 always say that those 3 words were not enough 2 decsribe how he felt about me. he just broke up with me 2 save me pain but i still miss him so much.

  30. this song is a fave o mine

  31. This is a beautiful song.
    Unfortunately the gratingly incorrect use of the verb ‘to lie’ in the opening phrases totally destroys it for me.

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