I’m A Million Different People From One Day To The Next…

“I’m A Million Different People From One Day To The Next…”

Song: Bittersweet Symphony

Artist: The VerveThe Verve Urban Hymns

Album: Urban Hymns


Leave a comment below. Let me know if you have corrections or suggestions. Do you own this music on vinyl, CD, or download for your iPOD?
Why is this lyric important to you? What lyrics would you add to Lyrical Wisdom?

15 responses to “I’m A Million Different People From One Day To The Next…

  1. great song. heard it today on the radio, have heard it many times before but not for awhile. some classical rock station in seattle played it today. knew it was ‘kinda old’ but it’s actually 10 years old! has a lot of depth yet doesn’t sound dated. lyrics are clever, real. don’t really know anything about the verve, would like to know more. will research but may just download the one song if it’s available. thanks for the site, it was the first one i went to.

  2. I hear this song from time to time, but today i realized how bad ass is would sound mixed into a really trippy, ambient house record. If you could help me find it on vinyl, that would be great. I guess its the strings in the back ground that give it that revamped classical sound that makes the hair on the back of my neck reach for that feeling we all know like little antenas

  3. Did you know that this song is credited to Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, because of the sampling of the Stones’ “Last Time” (orchestral version)? Ha ha – Richard Ashcroft wrote a great song here and didn’t make a penny out of it!

  4. hey! I heard this song on the radio today and realised that I knew parts of it… I may have heard it lots of times without noticing it!!! ;> great song ;> hugs from Barcelona*

  5. I’m using a friend’s account for the email!! It’s not my email though, so don’t ask! My friend Natalie heard this song, and we both thought it was good. Coudn’t find the name or anything for it however… Oh well! I finally did, and she’s syched!! 😀

  6. Awesong song..good lyrics too

  7. This line plays in my mind when ever I think about how my personality seems to be different for each person I meet in life. Since that thought just came up again I figured I should at least find out once and for all the title and artist. It’s just one of those rare songs that really strikes a cord in me so I love it. I wonder what the writer originally intended this line to mean?

  8. I have always considered this line to mean that we are not cast in stone but can change and/or adapt day to day. We do not have to accept stereotypes or how others views us. Be yourself, whatever that may be on any given day.

  9. What amuses me about this song is that Nike uses it in so many commercials in the United States, and its about wanting to do something great but never really getting enough gumption to actually do it.

    Just like all the people who buy Nike shoes in hopes of becoming a professional basketball player, but just don’t stick to it. They are stuck with their shoes, and we are stuck with this song. I think that its Nike kind of making fun of all of us.

  10. boone, somehow i feel you are right…

  11. I’m 59 and finally wrote down the lyrics so I could find who sings this! It says with you and I can’t believe it was ’97! Love it.

  12. When I play this song and walk down the street it makes me want to ignore everyone and walk in a straight line! It’s amazing how many times they can play the Rolling Stones line and not be boring.

  13. I AM A Million Different People From One Day To The Next…

  14. shifting time??????????????????

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