He doesn’t look a thing like Jesus

He doesn’t look a thing like Jesus

Song: When You Were Young  Killers, Sam's Town, When you Were Young

Artist: The Killers

Album: Sam’s Town

Year: 2006

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21 responses to “He doesn’t look a thing like Jesus

  1. it has a kinda catchy tune, it’s stuck in my head

  2. it has a kinda catchy tune, it’s stuck in my head

  3. I love it its so stuck in my head too!

  4. “But he talks like a gentleman…” I have no idea what this song is referring to, but between this line and the title, I always get the impression of the kind of persuasive, charming bastards I fell for in my callow youth. You know, the ones you think are going to save you. Thank God I’m past that.

  5. Charming Bastard.

    You’re not past it. You just evolved to another level of charming bastards (congrats). Just you wait. We’ll find you.

  6. I love all of The Killers work and lyrics.. but this line peculiarly caught me..
    I’ve grown an attatchment to this band and I don’t know why but those lyrics in that song mean so much to me..

  7. Charming Bastard…you’re probably right. Sigh.

  8. I could have sworn I left a post on here… Anyway, what I said was – Oh boy, what girl hasn’t been there?

  9. Melissa, You are sort of right. You left a comment on the full lyrics page.

    When You Were Young

  10. In this song one of the lyrics is,
    “He doesn’t look a thing like Jesus, but he walks like a gentleman…” I feel this describes the need to settle, so that our minds will.

  11. “you sit there in your heartache
    Waiting on some beautiful boy to
    To save you from your old ways
    You play forgiveness
    Watch it now
    Here he comes

    He doesnt look a thing like Jesus
    But he talks like a gentleman
    Like you imagined
    When you were young”

    I think these two verse are clearer in their meaning, the suggestion seems to be (imo) that the subject is waiting to be saved, the refernce to Jesus reinforces the idea of a saviour freeing her “from [her] old ways”. The first verse and Chorus seem to imply that this ‘boy’ seems to fit the bill (HE doesn’t look a think like Jesus BUT HE talks like a gentleman- a second subject being mentioned).
    However, I don’t believe that the other person is necesserily (sp?) a ‘bad-guy’ the next verse says…
    “Can we climb this mountain
    I dont know
    Higher now than ever before
    I know we can make it if we take it slow
    Let’s take it easy
    Easy now
    Watch it go”
    The idea of climbing the mountain suggests effort and the use of we could suggest a relationship, I think maybe the main subject of the song puts too much importance on the other person in the relationship making it more like climbing a mountain. Perhaps the idea is that this is an unfair and unhealthy way to view a relationship but that its not something you can change because its something built when YOU WERE YOUNG?????

  12. “Waiting on some beautiful boy to
    To save you from your old ways”

    pretty much sums it up for me.

  13. i think it means that this boy is acting like a good person. “He doesn’t look a thing like Jesus”, it means that this guy isn’t good, he is just pretending to be good for this girl. “but he talks like a gentlemen”, means that it is all an act.

  14. interesting what people’ve said. I didn’t really realise this page was here.. ach well. Just done a majour ramble of lyrics on the Lyrics Page.

    The whole mountain thing, yeah, i kinda thought of it as struggle. That, asking themselves “can we climb this mountian?”, possibly meaning struggle, is like. Yeah. Um. I’m getting stuck here in continueing my ramble.

    I don’t know why I didn’t pick up on the whole bad boy thing? Oh well. I related it to being like he doesn’t look like the saviour to save you form your old ways, but really he is [[ending lyrics]]. To put it bluntly. Ish.

    -and, CD all the way 😛 I don’t have an ipod anyway. Creative Zen but mainly my SonyErricson W580i [i looked that up on my phone, i can’t remember numbers/model numbers].

  15. i think your trying to go deep. take the words at face value. it makes sense, she wants everything to be perfect, like “when you were young”

  16. he doesnt look a thing like jesus, but he talks like a gentleman could just mean he isnt an oil painting but hes makin all the right noises

  17. I'mNotYourPrincess

    I think he doesn’t look a thing like jesus means, you’ve spent your whole life waiting for someone who was the vision of prince charming, and he comes along and he treats you well and talks like a gentleman and you realize he could be better that you ever thought. 😀

  18. The line “He doesn’t look a thing like Jesus” alludes to the fact that the girl in the song has met a man who does not resemble a very dark-skinned, haggard Jew from the ancient Middle East, the image of which she has always cherished as her future life partner.

  19. i am sorry its not my favoite song but it does have a cachy tune
    he doesn’t look a thing like jesus once agian sorry.

  20. I think when it says “he doesn’t look a thing like Jesus, but he talks like a gentleman” it is implying that the most important man in her life had been replaced by this man who had perhaps masked his true character by acting good. She spent her whole life dreaming of a man similar to Jesus. This is backed up in the line “when you were young”. Later lyrics encourage you to believe this girl was deceived by this man and her lifelong influence of Jesus is somewhat crushed.

    I love the Killers. This is probably my favorite song by them. I could listen to it all day

  21. I think maybe it (it being the line “he doesn’t look a thing like Jesus but he talks like a gentleman”) could also mean that in her attempt to free herself from her “old ways” that she mentioned needing to be saved from, she instead found someone who couldn’t exactly save her in the way she was thinking, like Jesus, but in a different way, because he takes her back to the good parts of her past and of her past self. We seem to all be forgetting the part after that- “like you imagined when you were young”. There’s a line somewhere in the song about a metaphorical hurricane, one that started when the subject of the song was young (yeah, nah dip, I know, okay) and I kind of take that to mean that she’s finally facing the hurricane now, the one she’s ignored for all that time even though it’s been there for so long, but it’s part of what’s tying her down is the hurricane of emotions that started causing trouble so long ago. Instead of moving forward from it like she’d thought she needed to be doing, she should’ve been acknowledging the good parts of her past and facing her past struggles in order to truly find an escape- and finding someone who doesn’t look a thing like Jesus but who talks like a gentleman, like she just so happened to imagine in her youth, brought this all to light and also showed her that there are parts of when she was young she should still hold on to.

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