Don’t waste your time or time will waste you

Don’t waste your time or time will waste youMuse Black Holes and Revelations

Song (click for full lyrics): Knights of Cydonia

Artist: Muse

Album: Black Holes and Revelations

Year: 2006

Leave a comment below. Let me know if you have corrections or suggestions. Do you own this music on vinyl, CD, or download for your iPOD?
Why is this lyric important to you? What lyrics would you add to Lyrical Wisdom?

16 responses to “Don’t waste your time or time will waste you

  1. one of the many well-written lines from (imho) the best Muse album so far.

  2. So, I am listening to that song… really listening… and that line just smashes into me. So, I google it… wondering if it’s been said before…

    It’s nice to see connections made across time and space, 1’s and 0’s being the common thread, and music being the medium.

    That being said, I must get back to studying.

  3. It’s true

  4. To R. Foster:

    I did the exact same thing! This was the first link on google. What a great song … (i never google’d ‘smack my bitch up’ for exemple)

    Back to working on homework!

  5. God you guys suck. I did the same thing. Searching for this same line on google. I guess I’m not the only one.

  6. now it’s an obligatory “I did the same thing.”

    but hey, I did too. Fun song- Muse is awesome.

  7. It comes from a quote of Shakespeare – ‘I wasted time, and now doth time waste me’

  8. That’s some deep shit!

  9. googld too .. good song šŸ™‚ good album…

    nice timing with Paul to ;p

  10. and of course i had to fail at this time of err … not night not morning… time of time ? …

    sorry for teh fail, its 02:30 AM and last had sleep some 2 days ago doh šŸ˜›

  11. sorry for tripple posts . but the font here SUX … 0 (zeros) look like o (os…. .oO) …

  12. i googled “don’t waste your time or” and it gave Kelly Clarkson’s don’t waste your time, i added “time will waste you” and here i am. love technology

  13. Deep Lyrics! i love so much!

  14. I did the same thing
    It’s 9 pm Thursday 20 Jan 2011
    Bkk Thailand
    By the way
    Nice to meet you lol

  15. ginger and proud

    I might just make this my yearbook quote.

  16. hi, that’s a fastidious occupation. There is few mistakes but the important is here.

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