Always Love… Hate will get you every time

“Always Love… Hate will get you every timenada surf

Song (click for full lyrics): Always Love

Artist: Nada Surf

Album: The Weight is a Gift

Year: 2005

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2 responses to “Always Love… Hate will get you every time

  1. I absolutly love this song i have chosen to live my life by its meaning

  2. I am still trying to learn more about love my self. Its Hard to give put words to it….
    Theirs nothing like when hate is moving in circles through everybody, and suddenly somebody wants to pass it on to you. they ether want you to respond or be affected some how, and you make an angry face. The person in front of you is feeling even more hate and even satisfaction in his subconscious (you still have the angry face on) and right before he can say anything you smile and say GOD LOVES YOU!

    I still want to learn more about this, and see what other people think please write to me your opinion. im 19.

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