The Saints Are Coming

The Saints Are Coming
The Skids, cover by U2 & Green Day

I cried to my daddy on the telephone
how long now
Until the clouds unroll and you come home
the line went
But the shadows still remain since your descent
your descent
The saints are coming, the saints are coming
No matter how I try, I realize there’s no reply
The saints are coming, the saints are coming

A drowning sorrow floods the deepest grief
How long now
Until a weather change condemns belief
The stone says
This paternal guide once had his day
Once had his day

The saints are coming, the saints are coming
No matter how I try, I realize there’s no reply
The saints are coming, the saints are coming

36 responses to “The Saints Are Coming

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  2. what a great song by The Skids I also loved the Green Day/U2 version!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. The performance was great!

  4. I was there b/c I got season tickets and they rocked!!! WHO DAT!! GO SAINTS!!

  5. Great song!!! I loved the song by The Skids and I loved the version played two days ago by Green Day and U2!!!!!!!!!!!
    it seemed that everybody forgot this song…fortunately Green Day and U2 didn’t!!!!

  6. i love this one….. but, the U2 pll made me hate it…..
    damn U2…. they suck soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  7. The new version sucks asscheeks! Make Bono History!

    Mon The Skids!

    The Perth Saints Are Comin In!

  8. i love green day…they are incredibles, i love billie, mike and trè but i love your music and your songs…they are the best!!!congratulations

  9. I Love Green Days and U2’s version of this song. I love it mainly because of Bllie Joe. He’s so hot!

  10. No one can touch Stuart Adamson, The Skids or Big Country! The remake of this song is good…but original is best!

    Come up Screaming….Stay Alive!!

  11. vi amooooooooooooooooooooooooo siete grandi. amo i green day come tutta la mia vita e i mitici u2 li ascolto da quando avevo 6 anni…direi che vedervi insieme in una canzone strepitosa…mi riempie il cuore di gioia…continuate alla grande….siete magici…

  12. altro che blue,tizziano ferro e co. green day siete unica e fantastici, billie j’adore tu est très bon!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. This is such a great song, teaming green day and u2 was genius. They should do more songs together, or make an album, they would sell so much copies, i would definetly buy it. This song is just so good, green day & u2 should become one band, cause they are so good together.

  14. Ye could make a band

    p.s Please make an album

  15. Join up with Coldplay as well.

  16. Chek out The Skids on You Tube for example or get hold of their greatest hits cd. Legends amongst Scottish 70’s punk bands

  17. I love this song!!!!!

  18. I love this song!!!

  19. I loved this song but they should really say something else apart from the saints r coming, but i love this song so much, i never heard of it up until, my little bro{major fan] played it on itunes about a 100 times but this song rox my sox

  20. **listening 2 it rite now

  21. Thomas Hazelman

    Green day is awesome.

  22. 778-865-8125

  23. i really love green day but i don’t really like this song. strange. BUT I LOVE GREEN DAY!!!!! and the person named Thomas, is that ur phone number? 778-865-8125?

  24. i’ll be on to check later, and i’ll see if u responded.

  25. if it is thats stupid……… anyone could call it

  26. the song is really cooooooooool!!

  27. Yeah, but I loved this song some 20 years ago, sorry Stuart Adamson missed the anthem. He did “In a Big Country”

    Now if you like this song, listen to Big Country, big songs, a lot of heart. A pissing shame he didn’t get his due more than a football song, but glad he did. He was an artist, a swan song fitting.

  28. Can someone please fix the lyrics posted?

    The first stanza, it’s “descent” (as in, coming to earth from heaven), not “decent” (as in, morally acceptable). The ‘s’ makes a big difference in the meaning!

  29. little bit hard to get the timiing right on the lyricks lol ill get it lol




    youtube-search. luigi61793.

  32. Its a video now, not a somg anymore. The message behind this cover version is encaptured in the video, and without seeing the video the whole point is missed completely.

  33. what a cool song and the vidio is tollay class man

  34. This song and video are frickin awesome! I love Green Day! Pairing them with U2 for this song was a great idea!

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